Dongguan Yijia Valves Co., Ltd.
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  • Dongguan Yijia Valve Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2015, formerly known as Dongguan Chashan Yijia Machinery Factory, founded in 2000. The company’s main business scope includes the production of valves and plugs, mechanical parts processing, CNC precision parts processing, forging and casting manufacturing, pneumatic component processing, fixture processing, and general automation equipment manufacturing.
    Located in Dongguan, the world factory of the Pearl River Delta, the company is committed to research and development in the mechanical field. The company has a specialized laboratory and advanced equipment, including 35 sets of CNC machine tools, two 400-ton presses, production lines, and professional detection equipment, which provide high production capacity and rich practical experience. The company aims to guarantee customers’ stable, safe, efficient, and continuous needs.

    Since its establishment, the company has been pursuing the strategic goal of “continuous improvement and innovation” by constantly enhancing its technical strength. In 2018, the company obtained a national special equipment production license, eight utility model patents, and three high-tech products. In 2020, the company applied for nine design patents based on its own product characteristics. In 2022, it participated in drafting the T/CATSI02017-2022 Group Standard for Fixed Firefighting Gas Extinguishing Equipment Bottle Valves.

    Our company has participated in the development of new energy firefighting equipment valves and accessories, including battery production line equipment accessories, energy storage firefighting valves, etc. As demand increases, the company has decided to increase investment, update equipment, and cultivate a young, experienced technical, development, sales, and research team, and professional personnel for service.


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